Annual Reports

Total Memberships: 39

Our marketing and publicity committee has worked to provide two important services as a gift to our community. The Community Services Brochure (first introduced as a published flier by CSA in the mid 90’s) is now available for any service organization to be listed on and, with updates as provided by organizations, up-to-date information can be downloaded and used as current resource information for clients or newcomers. The newly created list-serve provides a notice of up-coming events for organizations to publicize fairs, seminars, fund-raisers, forums and workshops for community members.

Much work has been done behind the scenes this year to bring our mailing lists up to date, and updating the membership structure, listings and categories. More work will be done in the year ahead on growing our membership and expanding our connections in the area. The website now has a fresh new look, is now able to highlight our members and link to their websites where available, but also allows access to recent board minutes, the membership form and the program listing.

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